It is Your Choice

Whoa! Who Said You Had to Go to the School’s “Contract Photographer” for your Personal Portraits?

Let us clear the confusion about “official” or “contract” photographers.

Remember your Freshman and Sophomore pictures? Do you really want a photograph like those to be the one that all of your friends remember you by? Well, the contract photographer is probably the one who created those “gems.” And guess what – your school may try to force you to use them again!

Remember, the school may have a contract for services with a certain photographer, but the school photographer has no contract with you, and you have no purchase obligations to that photography studio.

You still have a choice if your school is really strong-aiming you into using the contract photographer. Let them take your yearbook picture without being obligated to buy anything else. You can then come to Images by Lucila for the portraits you really want.

Although Images by Lucila is not the contract photographer for your school, or any other school for that matter, we can take your senior photos for use in most school yearbooks by complying with their specifications. If your school does not accept images that are not taken by the contract photographer, we will discount the session fee to compensate for the fee you will be charged by the school photographer for your yearbook photo, and make you happy with the images that you really want.

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