Behind the Camera

Lucy in Paris

With only $500 and two suitcases to her name, Lucila, a free-spirited twenty-two year old bought a one-way ticket to France, chasing her dream of becoming an artist ~ a photographer.  Upon obtaining her certificate from the “Société Française de Photographie” (French Photography Society), Lucy traveled around the world capturing the essence of the beauty in nature, and the grace behind the faces of the people she encountered.

After many years abroad, Lucy returned to the United States where she settled in Dallas. She enrolled at Southern Methodist University and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Today, with a mature eye, an evolved imagination and a well-seasoned mind, Lucy applies advances in photography to transform simple pictures into works of art.

Mission Statement
Images by Lucila serves a selected group of refined customers who seek to portray the essence of their inner beauty and that of their families in artful portraits and albums that tell a story. Our goal is to respect the investment and the trust of our customers by treating them with integrity and by creating Images that they will enjoy for generations to come.

Honors and Certifications
–      Certified Professional Photographer (CPP)
–      Digital Photography Certificate (Collin County Community College)
–      Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
–      Société Française de Photographie (French Photography Society)

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