Turning XV

I had the privilege of photographing this young woman and get to know her better by the time we spent together.

First I took a series of images for her Personal Memory Album and then I took the entire event to create her XV Celebration Album.


To get to know her better, we had an informal session where she brought a Hello Kitty blouse, shorts and matching tennis, and yes, she brought her doll. I am glad we had this session. Angelique learned that a good image requires more than just smiling and looking at the camera. She learned the importance of her posture, her eyes, her feet, everything, including her fingernails. She did great! This is one of my favorite images that day.


Then, the day arrived for her to pose with  her XV dress. The professional Makeup by New You Looks was a work of art. Angelique was no longer that shy girl I met a couple of weeks earlier. She was poised and confident. She looked gorgeous in her dress and Make-up, and we had a great session. You can see her images by clicking on Angelique Formal Dresses.

Having the extra session with her casual outfits helped us both. We were able to communicate much better the day of the formal session, and I got to experience what a beautiful person this young woman is, both physically and spiritually.

Then, on her special day, I was amazed to see how this young woman behaved: She was a mature person, who knew the etiquete on how to make a toast and thank her family for all her blessings. And wow, the party did not stop there: the dance floor had no more room: the children, the parents, the grand-parents: everybody was dancing, and dancing, and dancing… Want to see? Click here.  Enjoy.

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