The Artistic Touch

Even the most subtle touch is necessary to transform a good image into a spectacular image. After taking the picture with the camera, I take the time to create images worth displaying in your home or your album. That is why I consider giving a disk with all the images in “JPG format” an incomplete work. What can you do with all the JPGs that would be worth your investment?

Thus, once I take the pictures with the camera, my service to you is rendering the images into works of art. Well, let us accept that even though I may find wonderful backgrounds, the surroundings may not always be perfect. Maybe there are distracting objects that need to be removed, or maybe there are blemishes that need to be removed, or even more, it would be necessary soften your skin to give it a spectacular look.

It takes time to transform simple images into works of art. Through this process, I ensure that your investment is worth. At the end, you will receive albums and portraits of the highest quality representing your personality in a beautiful and artistic manner.

Below are samples of “Before” and “After” images so you can understand the importance of this necessary artistic process.

As you can see, our beautiful model needs little to look great. However, the artistic work is way superior to the original capture.



Not all people are happy with a simple picrture in JPG format where sometimes the background is distracting. Instead, they prefer to have their pictures taken by professionals who spend time enhancing the quality of the images.

The image of your daughter turning fifteen offer the most valuable token to your family.

Her image should represent her splendor.


That is why I take the necessary time to bring up the best from every single image. So, what do you prefer? A simple picture in JPG, or an artistic representation by Images by Lucila…

So, do you really want JPGs?

Nowadays, almost everybody can take pictures of acceptable quality by simply using state-of-art cameras. Many photographers take pictures, download lots of images into a CD using the commonly known JPEG file format, and give the CD to their customers. If you are only familiar with JPEGs, this offer may look attractive because it would give you the illusion that you have control over your budget. However, you may end up getting little value for your investment.

Professional Photography requires more than just JPEGs. It requires the ability to enhance the image to achieve artistic results. There is a format called RAW that satisfies the needs of demanding photographers. Unlike JPEG format that compresses the pictures by discarding information determined to be unnecessary and reducing a file to almost one twentieth its original file, RAW formatted files offer the artist more opportunities to refine the images because all of the information is saved in a RAW file.


JPEG file format has its advantages. With such a small size, it saves space in your computer. It is easy to transmit images electronically as well. Unlike many professional labs, most retail labs require JPGs over other file formats because of the huge amount of images these labs process daily. Thus, JPGs not only are acceptable, but recommended for your everyday pictures. However, there is a better way to treat your special memories.

As an example, the photographer caught the image in RAW file format and transformed it straight into JPEG without any retouching. Because the model is pretty, you may think that the image does not need additional work.

However, transforming a simple image into a work of art requires vision, knowledge, and dedication. At your wedding or special event, each moment is unique and deserves all the necessary care, attention, and expertise to bring up its best. That is why RAW is the format of choice by the artistic photographer who then spends all the necessary time enhancing it.

In this image, the artist transformed it into a special, more inspiring image by removing small nuances and distractions, by subtly adjusting tonal values, by warming up or adjusting skin tones, by making the eyes and hair shine, and much more. The artist can then use these beautiful images for inspiring wall portraits, memorable albums, and a wide variety of products. Rarely does a professional give away digital images, unless there is a compensation for the time she or he spent enhancing the images, as well as her expertise.

Can you perceive the difference? I hope this article helps you understand what it takes for Professional Photographers to meet your demands. I also hope it empowers you to make the right choice because, most likely, you will receive from Professional Photographers what your investment is worth.

Again, do you really want JPGs for your special memories?


”Wait, Do Not Kiss Yet.” What is the Hurry!…

“When you are about to kiss her, close your eyes, smile and slowly get close to her lips. As you feel his lips near yours, close your eyes and smile. Then stop. Got it? Make this moment last. What is the hurry?”

The marriage kiss should show good faith between lovers. There is no need to rush or to stick the lips against each other’s. Unfortunately, some photographers wait until the couple actually  kisses and the results are distorted noses, long lips, and not too appealing gestures.

Experienced photographers capture the feeling, not the action. They pay attention when the couple is about to kiss, click at that special moment, and leave the rest to the imagination. The families and friends are watching, “They are in love.” Everybody’s hearts are beating at a high rate, ready to let go some tears, and the emotion keeps growing….

It is important for a photographer to spend time with the couple before their wedding day to offer posing tips and to establish a relationship of trust. That way, the photographer is no longer a stranger at their wedding day. Instead, she feels and understands the couple’s love. They know that she is somewhere ready to click at the precise moment. They are not acting out. They simply know what to do.

At a recent wedding, smiling, the bride and groom told me that in the midst of their emotions, they remembered to take the time to express their love during that magic moment. They are committed to each other, and the ceremony happily concludes with an exquisitely beautiful kiss!