”Wait, Do Not Kiss Yet.” What is the Hurry!…

“When you are about to kiss her, close your eyes, smile and slowly get close to her lips. As you feel his lips near yours, close your eyes and smile. Then stop. Got it? Make this moment last. What is the hurry?”

The marriage kiss should show good faith between lovers. There is no need to rush or to stick the lips against each other’s. Unfortunately, some photographers wait until the couple actually  kisses and the results are distorted noses, long lips, and not too appealing gestures.

Experienced photographers capture the feeling, not the action. They pay attention when the couple is about to kiss, click at that special moment, and leave the rest to the imagination. The families and friends are watching, “They are in love.” Everybody’s hearts are beating at a high rate, ready to let go some tears, and the emotion keeps growing….

It is important for a photographer to spend time with the couple before their wedding day to offer posing tips and to establish a relationship of trust. That way, the photographer is no longer a stranger at their wedding day. Instead, she feels and understands the couple’s love. They know that she is somewhere ready to click at the precise moment. They are not acting out. They simply know what to do.

At a recent wedding, smiling, the bride and groom told me that in the midst of their emotions, they remembered to take the time to express their love during that magic moment. They are committed to each other, and the ceremony happily concludes with an exquisitely beautiful kiss!

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